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To Douche Or Not Douche

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

That is the question. There does seem to be some confusion as to do it or not. In my mother's day, it was common for women to douche with diluted vinegar. I didn't hear about yeast infections from my mom or my aunties. Didn't seem common with the practice. Well...enter generation XY. We heard something different where I'm from. Some circles

shared the thought that the yoni is self cleansing. Other circles agreed that at least once a month was good. MidSummer's Eve and a host of pretty packaged douche bottles were at our disposal.

Now after gathering the evidence and learning about health from real healers, I've come to the following conclusion.

Yes and no.

YES, if you eat dairy, soy, meat, starch... you know... the typical 95% to 100% cooked food diet. Our typical North American diet has a great number of us with congested lymphatic systems. This leads to glandular weaknesses that affect our thyroid/parathyroid, pituitary, pinal, gonads, adrenals and other hormone producing glands. These glands overall are not operating properly for most of us. A congested lymph system means that we have toxicity in our vaginal walls, uterus and cervix. Candida yeast is sure to be there is we consume yeast of any type, bread, sugar (excluding raw honey & dates). A stagnant lymphatic system is dangerous for the female body.

The toxemia build up from stagnant lymph encourages the following diseases sooner or later: Yeast Infections, Estrogen Dominance, smelly discharge, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, hemorrhaging menses, infertility, and female cancers.

Douching with a Botanical Herb is necessary in this case to assist the body in expelling these toxins until you are able to eat your way to a healthy yoni. I advise to either make a botanical herb with healing herbs to douche...OR purchase our custom made herbs that are mixed properly with the necessary added solutions and detailed directions to get the most healing out of your herbal vaginal steam bath. To help us customize your herbal V-Steam treatment, feel free to fill out the intake form. Just fill out your name, email and the like; then scroll down to the female section and only answer those questions. That's it! Let's get those Yoni issues handled so that we can get back to health quickly.

Fill out the intake form at and set an appointment to speak with me. Finally get the answers denied to you about your health until now

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