Custom Remineralization Yoni Steam Mix Blend

Custom Remineralization Yoni Steam Mix Blend

Can’t make it onsite to our one of a kind Yoni Steaming MediSpa? No problem! Get you a whole pound of our organic and wildcrafted herbal blends specially formulated to detox and remineralize your Yoni. Our bonds are strong enough for you to receive the healing you need straight to your doorstep. Simply Fill out an intake form (Filling out the Female section is crucial). Afterwards our A.M.A. physician can customize your Cure. Our powerful medical Yoni Steam blend will be made to remedy the specific issue that you are experiencing. Who should and shouldn’t steam? We encourage woman to steam (with the proper equipment to administer the Steam). We do NOT recommend plastic bowls/containers/seats for home streaming’s to our clients. DYI should be done with a level of seriousness and knowledge. The chemical interaction between your specific EthnoGenetics and Herbs is what Ixchelation specialize in. 
When proper Yoni Steaming care is followed you are bound to see great benefit from this ancient Xi holistic practice. 
In particular if you are suffering from painful or irregular periods, unpleasant vaginal odor uterine fibroids, infertility, perennial tears, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemmeroids or scarring from c-sections, hysterectomies and laparoscopies & more. 
Yoni steaming works best when combined with our “Xi Womb Care Session” & “Ixchelation Yoni Steam Drip-Drops”. 
NEVER steam if you are pregnant, there’s a possibility you might be, if you have a fever, menstruating, have any sort of internal infection or open sores or blisters are present. Your custom yoni steam herbal blend awaits. 

Pairs excellent and is highly recommended to be used with our Ixchelation Yoni care “Drip-Drops”.
  • Proper Chelation

    Many Yoni steam package directions do not chelate the minerals of the plants so that your treatment is not as powerful as it should be. If roots are in the package, the boil time will change so that you get the valuable healing properties of the herb.  Another separate bottle with balanced chelated minerals will be sent along with the package as well.

    Never Ever use boiled water from a microwave.  Microwave water is deadly to your yoni steam treatment.  

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