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Allow us to create curative bonds with you at Ixchelation

Today you can become better and different. You don't have to stay the same. Nothing good comes from staying sick and being stressed about your feminine health. Our wonderfully unique vaginal steaming is exactly what you need. This one of a kind experience is unlike any other in existence. We combine the ancient practice of using herbs and steam as medicine, created originally by Aboriginal Indigenous American people called the Xi (history mistakenly records these most ancient people as the Mayan/Olmecs).

To help aid and support in the detox and overall wellness of the vagina & reproductive system we use our full expertise to properly select a regimen specific to your needs. We carefully select and administer wildcrafted herbal mixtures, as well as organic herbs to create our preparations. Our promise is to perform excellent, productive and first class healing services for our clients. Our aim is to create curative & elegant bonds that actively heal for a lifetime. We do this by methodically incorporating a vast array of indigenous plant materials with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between indigenous agriculture, chemistry and ethno-genetics. We go a step further to deliver an experience to you that you never thought possible.

Your session is always guided with our qualified professional holistic health counseling, to make certain your vaginal and overall health will be the best it has ever been. Our proprietary methodology practiced by our facilitator hearkens back to a time where holistic and effectual medicinal vaginal steaming began. These are ancestral remedies the worlds women need again, especially those women looking to gain complete control over their hormones and health for life. With the clients cellular structure and physiological needs are taken into account, as we deliver the highest quality imaginable while you are taken care of. Ixchelation can confidently say that we are the world's first and only vaginal steaming that verifiably puts back into your system what it lost using divine sciences.

The Proof is in our pot. Come release and treat yourself. Come get your rite as a woman and let us steam and clean away what ails you!

Our clients are seated on one of our comfortable yoni steam throne, to allow for the release of the herbal steam to deeply penetrate vaginal tissues. The steam is generated and kept at a consistent temperature to ensure that the medicine reaches its target areas from beginning to end of your steaming session. The steaming pots we use to allow the herbal blend to work its wonders were carefully selected. This is done to make certain no toxins enter your vagina from a plastic DIY home kit or from a chemical placed into the stools design during construction. Our physician has multiple certifications that enable & qualify her to administer true detoxification and promote regeneration. Detoxification is experienced as the pores open for the skin to absorb the herbal steam.

Detoxification happens, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to help individuals find physical, mental and emotional relief and discover a sustainable renewed sense of self. In order to properly diagnose our clients, a full bio-scan is done to properly assess the patients level of health. If the client is willing and the bio-scan proves it necessary,  then they may seek further medical services also offered by our  physician. 

Don't wait any longer. Book an appointment today for ancestral remedies using divine science applied with feminine grace and care.

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