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Cataracts and Chicory juice

Cataract ring around a brown eye

I'm about to say something that some of you may or may not agree with.

That milky or light blue hue around the iris of your eye is a cholesterol build up in a 'hot' head.

Your Adrenals have been malfunctioning for so long that it called upon the liver to produce more cholesterol to use in the body as an anti-acid. This tells the true story about your diet no matter 'how good' we claim to eat.

Surgery helps once the scarring is bad that your body needs outside help. It's just a bandaid fix. You must fix the underlying issue. This is where a permanent change in your diet for a period of time will help you combat cataracts.

One juice recipe that may assist your eyes, is consuming organic chicory juice with parsley, celery and cucumber juice.

Chicory contains a high amount of Vitamin A and is helpful in providing nourishment to the optic nerves, muscular system and other systems of the body.

Food is key when cellulary reversing the conditions that we create through our diet.

If you want to know more about what's going on with your health, feel free to fill out the free intake form and "learn more in 30 minutes that you have in the last 20 to 30 years about 'your' health."


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