“Heal-Thy Tea”

“Heal-Thy Tea”

A ultra powerful herbal blend of loose herbs that potentiate the power of any detoxification protocol. Unique blend specific to those who know.

This special blend assists in helping our 12 body systems do their job. 

HealThy Tea helps you care for your organs with our gentle, cleansing, energizing, and regenerating tea blend specially formulated to remove stagnation from the lymphatic system.

Make your liver the healthiest it has ever been.
Assist your pancreas with its function.
Fix your kidneys filtration to allow for the acidic state of your body to lessen.
Tone up and fortify the absorption of your intestines.
Allows for a rejuvenation of the skin.

A few of the ingredients include Juglans nigra hull (Black Walnut Hull), Althaea, Mentha (Mint), Greater Plantain Leaf, and Arctium Root (Burdock)!