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Is G.O.D. your answer to the following questions?

- Are you afraid of catching Coronavirus (COVID-19 disease)?

-Would you like to learn how to truly strengthen your immunity?

-Are you tired of getting the run around from Doctors and never getting better?

-Do you want to feel better once and for all?

- Do you feel that our communities are ignored by the medical industry?

-Are you tired of not ever losing weight?

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Ix'Chel & chelation

Our way of approaching what ails us in life is different. We have nontraditional proven methods that works best for the human body.  You will see results following our simple steps. 

You're struggling with getting results because you have been lied to and betrayed your Creator.  Prescription drugs are called DRUGS.  They make you toxic. This isn't your fault, it's just that the medical industry doesn't know how to cure you so you instead get drugged. They continue to make money off of you that way without ever giving you a cure.

Know who has a cure? GOD. The Creator never left us without a way to take care of ourselves. GOD is a Grand Operation Divine that exists in supreme balance. Ixchelation is a word formed with that in mind. To reign over self and have dominion over the Earth man should have knowledge of how everything fits within the framework of another. The principle of goddess Ix'Chel and the word chelation have been combined to demonstrate how greatly the Grand Operation Divine works for us all.

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What you'll learn during your Consultation

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Service Agreement

Grand Operation Divine is a private and protected self-supported spiritual ministry located in the union state of Virginia. In giving consideration for services to be rendered, you have agreed to openly and freely discuss your health issues between you and Grand Operation Divine. Any information and recommendations given by Grand Operation Divine is not and should not be received as medical advice. All diet, nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, fasting and other health information and suggestions received by you from Grand Operation Divine is for your personal information only.  If you choose to follow any of the information received, you do so on your own behalf, and on your own decisions based upon your personal beliefs that may come under alignment with Grand Operation Divine or also recognized from here on after as G.O.D. Ixchelation is operated as a indigenous spiritual business entity under G.O.D. as Ix'Chel is a archetypal energetic component of GOD. If you use any information to address a health issue without your medical doctor's approval, you are choosing for yourself with full faith in whomever you believe your Creator to be. You are exercising your GOD GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS as well as your Constitutional Rights in moving forward with any consultations or orders from this website or the owner of this website. You fully agree through this service agreement that you hold Grand Operation Divine harmless and that you assume all responsibility and liability for your actions.  GOD BLESS YOU

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