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Is YES your answer to the following questions?

- Are you afraid of catching Coronavirus (COVID-19 disease)?

-Would you like to learn how to truly strengthen your immunity?

-Are you tired of getting the run around from Doctors and never getting better?

-Do you want to feel better once and for all?

- Do you feel that our communities are ignored by the medical industry?

-Are you tired of not permanetly losing weight?

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There is a solution...

Our way is different. We have proven methods that works best for the black body.  You will see results following our simple steps. 

You're struggling with getting results because you have been lied to and betrayed.  Prescription drugs do NOT truly work.  They make you toxic. This isn't your fault, it's just that the medical industry doesn't know how to cure you. They can't continue to make money off of you that way either.

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Wondering What's Next?

Your Free Health Assessment or Upgrade to a Full Health Consultation

So what's included in our highly affordable health consultation?

-We remove the mystery behind your health issues.

-Based on your health issues, we select the best program to get you results fast!

-Get a full nutritional plan and the Detox Your Life e-book.

-Get access to Quilla for questions.  Get answers to your health questions during weekly live Q & A sessions.  Need guidance and clarity? We are here to help you navigate your health journey.

-Member Community Facebook Group.  Share your experiences and create friendships with other community members.  Get free education units and health tips from Senna and Quilla. 

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What you'll learn during your Consultation

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Get To Know Us


The Xi-Berry's

Senna & Quilla are embarking upon a journey to help our communities using proven methods that work for our health.

Welcome To Ixchelation: Meet the Team

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