Kidney & Bladder III

Kidney & Bladder III

Dandelion Leaf
* Cornsilk
* Juniper Berry
* Goldenrod Leaf
* Couch Grass Root
* Parsley Leaf
* Horsetail Herb
* Stinging Nettle Leaf
* Cordyceps

    This herbal formula was created to alkalize (remove inflammation), clean, strengthen, and regenerate the kidneys and bladder tissues. This herbal formula is used more as a strong diuretic.




    – This formula, coupled with a raw fruit diet, will considerably increase the need to eliminate through the kidneys. If your patient is on dialysis, you may need to increase dialysis from 3 times a week to 4 times a week, until self-urination has been achieved. Also eat 90% to 100% raw, living foods. Eliminate all meats and grains as these are too acidic and irritating to the tissues of the urinary tract.

    – Alkalization is essential to the regeneration of the kidneys.

    – Do not drink cranberry juice, as this is too acidic. Fresh watermelon is far better. Fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices are excellent kidney cleansers and regenerators.

    – Bags or dark circles under your eyes are a sign of kidney filtration problems.

    – The kidneys are two of the major eliminative organs for your Lymphatic System. Just because one urinates does not mean one filters the lymph trash out of the body. The Kidney formula is key when using Lymphatic formulas; it eliminates the possibility of giving yourself a U.T.I. (urinary tract infection).

    – Kidney problems also can mean adrenal gland, prostate and female problems.

    – Each Kidney controls each side of your body’s lymphatic system (all the way up and down – from the brain all the way down each leg). When the left kidney is weak you will begin to have problems lymphatically on the left side of the body and vice versa!