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Yoni Yumminess.. secret secretions

Updated: May 2, 2020

Flower dripping nectar

I saw this post from a well respected company that I have an affiliation with. I just had to share their thoughts about 'what color and smell' healthy yoni secretions are like.

'The shedding of to your vaginas wall is part of their natural renewing process. The mucous skin in our body renews itself at a much faster rate than our external layer of skin.

It's important to maintain adequate hygiene in the parts of your body that are lined with mucous skin, like your vaginal walls, mouth, colon, etc.

Yoni hygiene is overlooked in North American European culture that many of us is influenced by. Many women have been falsely taught that it will irritate their yoni flora if they wash the inside of their yoni daily as part of their hygiene. Water actually keeps the vagina fresh and hydrated.

Because of the U.S. based miseducation, many women suffer from excessive discharge, which consists of accumulated dead mucous skin cells, candida, etc.... which turns into a thick, whitish consistency. The secretion of the vagina should be crystal clear and free of dead mucous skin cells.


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