The Black & White Difference

Updated: May 3, 2020

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The Black & White Difference

Ixchelation Conversations Lesson Plan 1#

Prepared by Quilla


You the reader will understand why you can never compare the black body to the european standards of health. Your black body is a EuMelanin carbon based body, whereas a european body possess pheomelanin, nitrogen and other compounds. You do not see the visible combustion of melanin in a european body. Therefore, the nutritional needs will be different. This takes us to the eurocentric medical system. The information that you read online and in journals did not include a study of your eumelanin rich body. That research has been hidden from you on purpose. This information has been researched by the Aboriginal Medical Association. I hope that you enjoy the content. The source of the content is from the Indigenous Food Science Diet by Dr. Ali Muhammad.

Phototrophic Bodies:

There are 2 types of organisms that walk this earth. Heterotrophic organisms or phototrophic organisms. Guess which one you are if you have melanin rich skin?

We along with other plants and animals are solar symbiotic- phototrophic.

Black Skin that is full of EuMelanin synthesize solar radiation. It is not allergic to the UVB rays of the sun. The sun is food to the black body. EuMelanin does not ‘protect’ you from the sun, it communicates with the sun. Just think of the plants and how they need the sun to grow. You need the sun daily on your skin. Think of the SubSaharan African; they walk and live directly in the sun without sunscreen or covering. Sunscreen blocks you from this communication.

When the sun shines on your skin, the following happens in the most simplest form I will explain it in: The radiation from the sun tells your EuMelanin rich body to produce more melanin, which we will call carbon. During this time, the carbon compounds will break free from a particular nitrogen compound. In simple words, your carbon breaks free from nitrogen’s prison so that it can do it’s normal job in the black body. Carbon and Oxygen has specific jobs, and one of them is to work to detox the body of nitrogen. Why not help it out?

Heterotrophic Bodies:

Those organisms are anti-solar!

The sun burns the organism when trying to communicate to it.

These organisms cannot proliferate in UVB Sunlight. This is what happens when the UVB rays hit them- they ‘sun’ burn. The cells starts dying, so the cell will split and clone itself to stay alive. Depending on the UVB damage, skin cancer or carcinoma occurs. Other heterotropic organisms die due to cellular death when exposed to UVB rays, sort of like Dracula.

Materials Needed for a Phototrophic Body

Clean water

Oxygen in the form of deep breathing and exercise


Carbon Based Foods

Detoxing the nitrogen from the body daily since the body sees these as toxins

Increase melanin production with the Nitrogen Reduction Diet

Increase in knowledge about your body. Don’t buy into the myth of needing amino based proteins. Your EuMelanin rich body does not use amino acids for building cell structures.

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