No more endometriosis for Fruit_fly_shi

As promised, this is part 2 of Fruit_fly_shi's story of her curing her endometriosis.

Here is what she has to say:

I get asked, 'do you think this is helping you?' Even watching me transform into a whole different person, people question the effectiveness of regenerative detoxification. I was literally peeing and pooping adhesions (endometriosis). It had attached itself to my bowels and my bladder, crushing them and destroying them. It was doing that to so many of my organs!

Within 6 months of going raw it was GONE! Proven through surgical diagnosis! I had spent over 20 years under an endometriosis speacialist at the endometriosis center in one of the best hospitals around. I did EVERYTHING that was offered to treat endometriosis and do you know what happened? I GOT WORSE!

After I was healed, I felt like I held this valuable information. Yes, I get it, doctors say endometriosis is NOT CURABLE, but guess what? They are lying!!! It's not curable n their area of medicine, but it is curable. I'm living proof! If we get well, where is the money in it for them?

It's hard to put yourself out there and share something so vulnerable, something you've spent your whole life trying to conceal. But I don't do it for the majority. I do it for the one girl, I pray my story will touch. The girl that is lying balled up in the fetal position as I write this, waiting for this information.

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