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Female Erectile Malfunction

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Ixchelation Conversations Lesson Plan 4#


This lesson will help us understand the real reason behind the lack of orgasm that the female body experiences in the U.S. and other countries that have adapted the horrible eating habits of the SAD diet.


Fellow anatomy and physiology specialists kicked the doors open on this subject and exposed the world to this issue.

We are sharing their findings with you

You will understand how detoxification will remove F.E.M.

The Sexual Progression of a Woman

Steps to Orgasm

Women have erections. Yes, you read that right. Her clitoris stands erect like a man’s penis. It’s her version of a penis.

Arousal stage- Her nipples often become erect and her clitoris also becomes turgid and expands a little. The clitoris may become a bit more visible in some women. Clitoral erection happens when there is increased arterial blood flow to the clitoris and reduced venous drainage. She gets a physical ‘hard on’ so to speak.

The heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. More blood flows and gets trapped and causes the inner and outer labia to increase in size to a noticeable swelling. More secretions from the inner labia, Skene’s glands occurs. As the arousal continues, the swelling of the labia causes the inner lips to part and spread outwards thus making the opening of the vagina more obvious. Internally the vaginal cavity expands and the outer third of the vagina (the introitus) becomes tighter due to the increased arterial blood flow. Internally the position of the uterus moves causing the vagina to elongate, and the position of the cervix changes for deep penetration. This is called ‘tenting.’

Plateau- Heavy breathing, high pulse, dilated eyes, more engorgement, the clitoris starts to get an erection/stand up. The plateau is the final phase of excitement when all physical markers are at its heights. She is waiting to get herself to orgasm, usually focusing her thoughts (arousing words, noises, touch, etc). At this time spontaneous semi-involuntary contractions of the anal sphincter, and muscles in the upper legs and pelvic region may occur.

Orgasm- The clitoris is fully erect and very sensitive. During orgasm the vagina contracts/throbs and goes from tremors, to shaking orgasms to sometimes an ejaculation of a clear viscous fluid while orgasming. Here’s a better description: In the majority of women, orgasm is usually indicated visibly by a series of contractions in the vaginal-anal area which occur at about once every 0.8 seconds on average. Perineal contractions can be visible higher up around the clitoris (causing the clitoris to "hop"), around the vaginal opening (causing the vagina to "snap"), on the sides of the vulva, or just around the anus. While some women may demonstrate only one of these types of contractions, others have all of them. Internally, there are also waves of contractions of the uterus which are stimulated by the orgasmic surge in the hormone oxytocin, which is secreted by the pituitary gland. During orgasm the woman's blood pressure rises and heart rate increase to a pounding. Her nipples may also become erect. Researchers have found that genital sensory cortex, motor areas, hypothalamus, thalamus, and substantia nigra all light up during the big O."

Resolution- After orgasm many women cannot bear continued direct stimulation of the clitoris and/or vulva during the resolution phase. But if the stimulation is maintained at a low level until the sensitivity subsides, by avoiding direct clitoral contact, many women can have a second or even numerous extra orgasms after the first one, separated by a minute or so. After a few orgasms it seems that clitoral sensitivity subsides and continued stimulation is possible.

Sexual progression with an unhealthy body

Tip: You can measure your health through your sex. So what if everything is not working. That means that the woman will not be able to reach these four stages. Let’s see where there could be complications.

Arousal- Blood flow is very important for the female erection. For orgasm to be achieved, the arterial blood flow and engorged venous blood must get to the area and stay there until orgasm. A full stiffness of the clitoris ‘must’ occur. Lack of lubrication is another disorder. Using ‘Lube’ is a telltale sign of overall health.

-Several things are happening here. Endocrine Damage, Estrogen Dominance and Cholesterol Plaquing. The estradiol compound that was consumed in the form of food (or Birth Control) turned the woman’s testosterone into estrogen. Testosterone is needed for a stiff clitoris. Tons of women are having sex at half mask or totally flaccid. A highly acidic diet, toxic environment and habits causes these issues.

Plateau- There is low to no activity of a build-up of excitement. The Adrenals are shot to hell. Nerve damage, no energy, mineral levels are low, lack of testosterone. All of this occurred because of acidic diet and toxic habits like stress.

Orgasm- Crickets. The woman may be enjoying the sex, but does not orgasm. Like men, women are supposed to orgasm every time she has sex. If she is not getting a full erection because of heart blockages/cholesterol blockages she will not orgasm through penile penetration. So here comes the Cosmopolitan magazine excuses that say that most women cannot orgasm vaginally. They don’t know the real cause behind this because they are ignorant of the Arteriosclerosis happening in the female body. This is an indicator that you are not healthy. Also, it shouldn’t take 20 minutes to orgasm. If you are attracted to him, a man shouldn’t have to work so hard to turn you on and make you orgasm. This is another indicator that the woman is not healthy and a sign of an upcoming heart disease or cholesterol plaque build-up/blockages in the body. The absence of any of the following: Arousal, engorgement, clitorial erection, and orgasm are all signs of an unhealthy woman with soon to come physical ailments of heart disease.

Detoxification and change in diet

Yes, you may not want to hear the answer...maybe. But it’s as simple as that. An inflammatory/acidic diet is the blame. We ate our way to these issues. The cholesterol plaquing is the body’s natural response to cool the body down from the bad diet that is causing the acidosis in the body. The adrenals are worn out as well. A good detox and change in diet, along with the herbal botanicals will reverse these conditions, so that you can get back to being the juicy, orgasmic nymph that you once were… within the marriage bed of course.

To get started go to and set your complimentary appointment to speak with me about everything your doctors should have taught you but seemingly cannot. Stay with the group as you go through your DYL Method detox: then quickly remove the Estrogen Dominance with the herbal teas and kits available in our store (this also gets rid of fibroids and helps with sexual health)

Let us know if you have questions about this Unit.

Thank you,


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