Endometriosis and kidney filtration

Part 3 of Fruit_Fly_Shi story. She pointed out on how filtration of the lymphatic system was the key to curing herself of endometriosis. Bravery is needed since the popularity of a high raw fruit diet lifestyle is low- although gaining popularity in some circles. Below are pictures of stagnant lymph leaving her body through the kidneys. I encourage my clients to do the MASON JAR TEST. The mason jar test is collecting your first morning urine when you wake up. The night before, set the mason jar on top of the toilet so that you will remember to collect it.

Collect your urine and then set it aside so that the floating material (sediment) settles to the bottom. If you see no sediment, your kidneys are not filtering well. It would be best to concentrate on getting the kidneys to filter before pulling on your lymphatic system (getting it to flow out). If you see some sediment, you may be good to go. I would recommend the Kidney tonic to prep you before digging into the deeper levels of detoxification.

Watermelon juice is a strong and potent fruit for detoxing. It naturally removes toxins from the body and pulls (cleans) on the lymphatic system. The seeds of the watermelon are great for mineral supplementation. I'll stop talking so much so that you can read without interruption.

Without further ado... here's the rest of the Fruit_fly_shi's story:

I started these herbs on Monday and wanted to show the progression of my kidney filtration from Monday to today. I took a break from the herbs, high raw eating and detoxing for awhile. In doing so my filtration had almost ceased!

My cycle of healing has been from feeling extremely motivated (raw foods, herbs), to positivity... to getting discouraged, which leads to feeling sorry for myself (vegan junk food) and negativity. It has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. But, as I always say, it isn't perfection that has gotten me here, but never giving up!

So, I'm back on track and the path to wellville continues. I share about kidney filtration because I believe it was one of the main factors in me healing my Stage IV endometriosis and has also healed my interstitial cystitis!

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