Covid and Your Lymph Nodes

The way that part of your immune system works is through the lymphatic system and your lymph nodes.

Your Lymph Nodes are throughout the body with a concentration in the neck, arms, pelvis, etc. This is where a lot of our immune cells are housed. Here is where pathogens, viral loads, dead cells, etc are destroyed. Your immune cells would identify the pathogen and then launch an Immune Response against that pathogen. The immune cells will increase, causing the lymph nodes to swell. Inside the Lymph Nodes, you will find pathogens, dead cells, mutated cells a.k.a. cancer type cells, etc.

For example: When doctors take a bio sample from your lymph nodes and find 'cancer' cells in the lymph nodes, it is an indication that the lymph nodes are doing their job correctly.

So what's going on with Covid in the body? Covid is a viral load or protein with an attitude.

Those catching the 'virus' typically have a stagnant lymphatic system, blocked lymph nodes in various parts of the body on top of accumulated waste. Many are on medications that harms the body as well and helps create an environment that the pathogen loves.

Bottom line: Your lymph nodes can't do their jobs if they are blocked. Correct this through a cellular detoxification. Your Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner plate has everything to do with catching Covid or being Immune to it.

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